Resourceful Things You Can Do In Lagos Traffic

According to Naij.com the popular Nigerian blog website, I picked out some important things you can do while stuck in Lagos traffic and added some useful advice. Read on

These days, using the words Lagos and Traffic in the same sentence might be seen as tautology, because Lagos has become synonymous with traffic. It is everywhere you go and often throughout the entire day. A recent study shows that, if you stay in Lagos all your life you are likely to spend a quarter of it in traffic, more proofs might be needed on that.

1.) Sleep

If you are not the one driving, it good to seize the opportunity to sleep. Most times you have to leave home early, so you can get to work, school and other destinations on time. However, regardless, you might still get stuck in traffic. This is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep. Studies show that lack of adequate sleep is harmful to the health, so please take that much needed shuteye.

2.) Be Security Conscious 

There have been recent reports of criminal syndicates using the traffic as an opportunity to rob motorists and its occupants. Sometimes they attack in the guise of street hawkers. Its very important to keep any valuables away from the windows, preferably in the glove compartment of your car or in your trunk. Keeping your windows shut is also very important. While driving you must be alert at all times. Lagos Island, Ajah, and other locations are active areas for these criminals.

3.) Listen To Music

Due to the slow moving nature of the so called ”Go Slow” you may tend to fall asleep while driving, this is very dangerous for someone behind the wheels of a car, so you must maintain consciousness. A good way to do this is to listen to music or if you have someone next to you, engage in a conversation. Some people eat to keep awake. Which ever works for you the main focus is to stay awake, unless you are not the one driving.

4.) Pay Attention To Your Car

While driving in a traffic, its good to always observe your instrument cluster on your dashboard, like the heat level, the fuel level, the tire pressure level and so much more. These tools are there for a reason, it helps the driver to know the mechanical state of the car while its working. Never ignore these tools because it alerts you before a potential problem arises.

5.) Time Management

While you are in the traffic don’t forget that time is been wasted. If you are not the one driving try to use the time to complete some tasks you can possibly do while on the move. Its important to manage your time for the day.

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