How To Act When Stopped By The Police

Most people make the mistake of engaging in an argument with the police when pulled over. First you must know that the police is doing it’s job and it’s required by you to cooperate with them as much as you can. Below are a few ways to act when pulled over:

1.) Relax

Take a deep breath and remember that police officers are not evil or scary. They are there to help protect everyone. Remember, they think they have reason (probable cause) to stop you and ask questions. At this time, you should stop, collect your thoughts and remain calm.

2.) Look for a convenient spot to pull over

Slow down, put your turn signal on, and pull over to the right. This will signal to the officer that you intend to pull over. Try to find a wide shoulder of the road. Many officers will appreciate the consideration. If it’s at night, immediately you park, put on your inner light and wait for the officer to approach.

3.) Communicate properly

In Nigeria like in some other parts of world, it’s customary to exchange pleasantries but make it brief and polite. This helps to start off a good communication process with the officer, after all they are people too and a good “Meeting and Greeting” won’t do any harm.

4.) Follow any orders given by the officer

Refusing to follow an officer’s orders will identify you as either resistant or rebellious. This gives the officer the belief that he may have to use force to make you obey their orders. Save yourself the trouble and follow all orders given to you. You will probably be asked to produce your driver’s license and particulars of the vehicle. This you must do, if asked. Chances are that the officer might ask you to go if you have all your papers.

The officer might say that you have violated traffic rules, if your papers are not correct or ask you to come out of your car for a search, if he is on Stop and Search duty. Remember that he or she is operating within the law in all these activities. Of course, you may explain at any point in this encounter, but you should limit your comments. Be careful how to make your points. A simple traffic violation may start costing you a fortune in fines for other violations. If you think that you have not violated any traffic rules, then carry your protest to the Police Public Complaints Bureau nearest to you.

Hope this helps? Drive safely.

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