As much as it’s useful to help lost drivers find their way around, there has been a lot of discussions about this topic in the past and present. Some car dealers even use this feature as a selling point, but the question still remains, Does Car Inbuilt Navigating system work in Nigeria?

Before we proceed, we must first understand how Car Inbuilt Navigating System works. Navigating system uses the GPS (Navstar Global Positioning System) technology which was developed by the American military in 1973 with the aid of orbiting satellites positioned at certain locations in space. From time to time the system go through upgrade phases as technology improves.

Aside from recent cars, some cars manufactured up to 15 to 17 years ago do have Inbuilt Navi Systems but the challenge they may face today in Nigeria is software upgrading. All cars with Inbuilt Navi system manufactured in the early 2000s comes with a CD/DVD installation, so the best way to use it today is to get an updated version from dealerships. Some people in Nigeria claims to have the means of upgrading the Navi system which I don’t dispute, but this will cost you a pretty penny and there may not be guarantees to this.

Thanks to our smart phones and gadgets which have Navigating applications, we can now install attachable Navi systems in our cars very easily instead of going through tedious and expensive process of upgrading Inbuilt Navigation systems.