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How To Know The Position Of Your Car Fuel Tank With The Fuel Gauge

How many times have you been driving your friend’s car or even your car and pull up to a fueling station only to get confused where the fuel tank is located? Honestly this has happened to me before and I’m sure you may have experienced it too.

Here is a neat trick to know where your fuel tank is, courtesy of car manufacturers. In order to locate on which side of the car your fuel tank is, simply look at the fuel gauge. There is an arrow beside the fuel icon. It is pointing to the side of the car where the fuel tank can be found. It’s little things like this that car manufacturers have put in place for the convenience of most car owners.


So next time you are stopping at a fueling station and wondering where the fuel tank is, look at position the arrow in the fuel gauge is pointing and you will know where to park to refill.

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