How to Keep Your Car Cool Without Air Conditioning

You may agree with me that the heat nowadays is scorching. This is extremely uncomfortable especially if you are driving without an air conditioner in your vehicle. Due to economic reason—you are saving petrol, or probably your air conditioner is not working or simply your car does not have one may lead you to seek out alternative means of keep you and your passengers cool.

It’s true that cars are great solar heat collectors. They have windows to let the sun’s energy in, and they have enough mass to keep the heat. We may all have heard the warnings that a car can get so hot, it can kill a dog or small child.

Pushing all this heat out can take lots of AC once the interior of your car heats up. But that can be an expensive and wasteful way to cool your vehicle (If you have an old car, this may not even work). The best way to naturally cool your car, is to keep it from getting so hot in the first place.

Use A Windshield Shade

You must have likely seen sunshades in the windows of cars before- maybe with some messages on them. You may even have one yourself.

A car sunshade is usually a piece of folded cardboard or fabric or other material that you put up against the inside of your windshield to keep the sun out. The best ones are the shiny reflective ones, but any of them will make a huge difference.

Leave Your Windows Open A Little

This one may seem obvious, but it’s surprising how many people don’t do this. Leave your windows open a little to let the heat out as it builds up.

Don’t entirely whine your windows up. Leave a little opening for cool air to get into the car, this will allow cool air to circulate within the interior of the car and keep the hot air out.

Have Some Water And Rag Handy

Water is the greatest way to cool hard surfaces off – such as your steering wheel. Even when water is warm, it can dissipate heat by evaporating. (That’s how our sweat works.) Keep the water in a shaded area, or even fill a drinking water bottle while you are away from your car and bring it back with you.

Pour the water on the cloth and run the cloth over the surface of the overheated steering wheel or gear shift or safety belt buckle. The water will carry some of the heat away as it dries. It may take a couple of passes to get the item cool enough to handle.




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