Ajah Flyover Bridge Opens This Week: True Or False? And Benefits

There’s been this rumour that the Ajah flyover bridge will be opened this week. No one knows if this is authentic or not but a lot of Ajah and beyond residents will breath a sign of relief after months of traffic grid locks.

This bridge will be a significant breakthrough on the Lekki-Ajah expressway due to the solution to a tormenting traffic along the express. The removal of the round-abouts has proven to be a success given that the traffic density has reduced reasonably.

The opening of the Ajah flyover bridge comes at the right time because over the past years the population of people moving to Lekk-Ajah and it’s environs has increased exponentially. The bridge will ease off traffic from Ado road, Ibeju and Epe. This will create room for more innovative transport solution.

The last remedy to the traffic grid on the Ajah-Ibeju road is at the Abraham Adesanya round-about which is a proof of an impending traffic disaster if nothing is done. During the day on occasions and mostly during the evening in rush-hours, the round-about is a nightmare. Removal of the Abraham Adesanya round-about will help to smooth traffic flowing from Ajah flyover bridge.

There are other laid out plans from the Lagos state government to ease traffic but mostly in intense planning. Indeed our Governor his excellence, Governor Ambode is doing a great job. Keep it up!

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