Video: LASTMA Officers And Danfo Driver Face-Off At Ajah Bus-Stop.

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority popularly known from its abbreviated word LASTMA is Lagos state owned agency under the Ministry of Transport which was established in 2000 to ensure free flow of traffic on the roads of Lagos state. Unfortunately, many will agree with me that this aim hasn’t been achieved since 17 years of inception.

Local commercial transporters among others have been a major cause of Lagos traffic. This is common especially along bus-stops. Despite the number of LASTMA officers deployed at every location, there hasn’t been any effect of their presence. This is because many of the officers engage in extorting money from commercial transporters instead of doing their jobs. Any transporter who have given them money is free to load their buses with passenger, amazingly right in the middle of the road.

At some point, greedy LASTMA officials have face-offs with commercial drivers. Take a look at this video recorded this morning around 10:00 A.M. at Ilaje bus-stop, Ajah, Lagos–This shows a commercial driver who claims to be an army officer and LASTMA officials engaging in a fight. This resulted in a long traffic stand still from Ilaje to Abraham Adesanya and Ado road.

Do we need LASTMA on the roads? For me, LASTMA is a necessary government agency to have, but a reformation is needed to remove corruption from its ranks. Please feel free to drop your own suggestions.

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  1. This still remains a problem till today. Lagos state government is not doing anything about this LASTMA menace.

  2. Lastma is good but the problem we have is corruption collecting money from innocent drivers.

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