Can A Motorcyclist Claim Damage In An Accident?

Motorcyclists, like all road users, are protected by law to ensure their safety on the roads. But there’s a limit. Not every motorcylist in Nigeria is protected by law especially the commercial motorcylists or tricyclists popularly called “Okada” and “Keke Maruwa”.

The Lagos Traffic Law 2012 prohibits the operations of Okada and Tricycles from operating in certain routes and areas across the State. This is due to the flagrant way Okada and tricycle operators flout the Traffic Law especially by not obeying traffic light, in most cases leading to avoidable accident and death of innocent road users. Some states in the country have banned them all together.

But this does not entirely allow the commercial motorcylists to take the blame whenever an accident occurs. Like other road users, commercial motorcyclists are also protected by the law when they operate within the area designated to them. It’s required by law for a motorcylist and the occupant to wear a helmet when on the move. A motorcycle should not exceed a total of two passengers (the rider and passenger). A tricycle shouldn’t exceed four passengers (the rider and three passengers).

Like in the case of pedestrians, a motorcyclist and tricyclist should be given the right of way by a motorist under the condition that during an accident, more damage is inflicted on them but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look before venturing on the road. Unfortunately this is far from what we see on the roads today, commercial motorcyclists are know for their recklessness, irresponsible parking habits and total disregard for traffic law.

Sometimes motorcyclists can be unfairly blamed for an accident by the negligence of someone else. Motorists must understand this, and know that a motorcyclists on the road are not objects of victimization and abuse.

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