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What Are Fuel Additives And It’s Advantages?


Fuel additives are compounds that are formulated to enhance the quality and efficiency of fuel used in the motor vehicle. In some cases, additives are already added to the petrol, but on other occasions it sold as a separate product. The use of these additives in fuel not only enhances fuel combustion but also cleans the entire fuel system, eliminate micro particle and soot and then help extend the life of the oil.

Two main functions of fuel additives are, it improves properties of the fuel, cleaning dirt in the fuel-injection system and refresh oil – Forming layers of viscosity and provide lubrication.

Advantages of fuel additives

  1. Excellent protection against rust and corrosion.
  2. Protect and clean fuel system.
  3. Octane and Cetane number enhancement.
  4. Allow higher compression ratio in the engine cylinder.
  5. Improve in fuel consumption, it makes the most efficient, optimum combustion environment.
  6. Act as demulsifier – Prevents the formation of an emulsion with water in fuel distribution.
  7. Cleaning of the combustion chamber – additives remove soot debris from the chamber.
  8. Clean burning reduces exhaust gaseous pollutant.
  9. Dissolve and remove the obstruction that causes a breakdown.
  10. Smooth engine starting
  11. CO2 emission is reduced.

Most fuels sold in Nigeria are contaminated and if left without balancing the chemical composition, can be damaging to a car’s engine. It’s advisable to use fuel additives when filling up your tank. This will help to maintain a healthy engine and optimal performance. Order for additives in our online store HERE. We deliver to your location.

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