Things To Consider When Buying A Car Air Freshener

There’s no better feeling like the smell of sweet scented car interior. Because your car is often close, there is not enough air circulation, making a freshener necessary to help get rid of foul smell in the car . With the abundance of options, however, you cannot just choose any product. Following tips below will help you to come up with the right choice.

Hanging Cardboard Air Freshener


One of the most popular, which is also the cheapest, is the hanging cardboard, which has been dipped or sprayed with scent. As you expose the hanging cardboard to the air, a fragrant smell is released.  Make small openings, not big, to optimize the life expectancy. But the downside of this type of air freshener is that despite the strong initial scent, it often doesn’t last long.

Can Style Air Freshener


These are air fresheners in a small can with air holes. You can replace the lid of the can after using the car. The contents of the can are a gel-based scent. With this car air freshener, all that you have to do is to pop the top part of the can and place it in your car, wherever you wish. Once the scent has dwindled, which is most likely to happen within 6 days, you can just have the scent pad rotated and use it in a smaller area, such as inside the cabinet. You can use it in cars, offices, homes and elsewhere.

Oil Wick Air Freshener


You need to insert a wick into fragrance oil inside a bottle. When it reaches a plastic top, like the vents sticks, clip it into the air vents of your vehicle. They come in single and multi-scented forms. Oil wicks emit a fragrance you can experience for a longer amount of time. This type of air freshener is best choices for RVs and larger vehicles.

Auto Plug-In Air Freshener


The energy coming from the power outlets in your car releases the fragrant smell and freshens up the interior portion of your car. They emit a soft glow while making your car smell fresh. You cannot place it on other areas except the power outlet of the car. With this car air freshener, you will not only be able to eliminate foul odor, but you will also be able to get rid of mold, mildew, and bacteria. Indeed, this is an excellent way to have an assurance that you will be breathing only fresh air inside the car. One of its drawbacks, however, is that it is not actually scented. It will help to neutralize odor, but this will not give your car a fresh burst of scent like the other air fresheners above.

Shopping for a car air freshener requires consideration to cost and type of air freshener. Auto Plug-In Air freshener is considered the best air freshener for car because of it’s ability to fight not only bad odour but disease causing bacteria, dust and air borne germs. From above description hope you can make the right choice now. You can find can place order for a genuine air freshener HERE.

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