How To Detect A Fraudulent Fuel Pump Metre


Fraudulent fuelling stations engage in all manner of vices to extort money from unsuspecting motorists but the most popular and common practice is the tampering of fuel dispensing machines. To understand how fuel dispensing machines are tampered, it’s important to know how the machine works.

During the process of transferring fuel from one place to another, perhaps from a storage tank to a vehicle, a fuel flow meter is often used to check the quantity of fluid or fuel that has been moved. These metres usually have a numerical display but these can have either digital or mechanical faces.

This reading can be manipulated to run without dispensing or cutting fuel flow into the vehicle fuel tank. The short video below shows how this happens:

A good way to prevent falling for this, is to observe closely when buying fuel. Sitting in your car and waiting for your vehicle to be filled will cost you hard earned money, this is exactly what fraudulent fuelling stations wants you to do. When buying fuel come down from your vehicle and ask the attendant to pump a little fuel on the ground. This is to ascertain whether the machine is dispensing at all and also to observe the quality of fuel been sold.

There are fuelling stations that have unusual and unnecessarily long hose. This is designed to hold back fuel, this types of machines don’t deliver the quantity of fuel you are paying for. So be observant, the shorter the hose, the better you get your money’s worth. The longer the hose, the lesser you get your money’s worth.

Always be cautious when driving into a fuelling station and never fall for dubious dispensing machine so to enjoy more mileage per fuel you buy.

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