Top Ten Tyre Brands In The Market


Your car’s tyres are the only part of the vehicle that makes contact with the road. As such, the driving experience your car provides is largely dependent on the tyres underneath it. Based on research made by consumer report institutes, tyre brands were factored into scores rated in categories of: all-season and performance all-season car tyres, ultra-high-performance (UHP) all-season and UHP summer tyres, all-season and all-terrain truck tyres. This draws up a list of the best down to the least high performing tyres.

1.) Michelin Tyres: This french tyre brand makes good tyres for any weather, they don’t have to be fancy looking they just have to be good and that’s what is good about Michelin. It can’t be beat for smooth ride, grip and tread life for high mileage situations.

2.) BFGoodrich Tyres: This tyre brand owned by Michelin are quiet and smooth, and are long lasting although some cracks after many many miles may start to occur.

3.) Bridgestone Tyres: This Japanese tyre brand has a reputation of good traction on wet roads. Some have even accredited it with saving lives. Maybe considered a good tyre for Nigerian roads.

4.) Cooper Tyres: This American tyre brand is not so popular in Nigerian markets but very popular in the USA. They have good mileage on them and good performance on all terrains.

5.) Nexen Tyres: This South Korean tyre brand is known for it’s durability. With good competitive price comparable to Dunlop, Pirelli and Continental tyres you get good value for your money.

6.) Goodyear Tyres: This popular American tyre brand claims 40,000 miles warranty has had good testimonies over the year from consumers. “I’ve run over a curb by accident and it didn’t affect my tyres at all!” says a satisfied customer. An affordable tyre that can serve you well.

7.) Hankook Tyres: This affordable South Korean brand makes great tyres with great innovation and designing. Always reasonably priced and a great performer.

8.) Continental Tyres: This German tyre maker founded in 1871, have been producing tyres for carriages and bicycles for decades before there were even a market for car tyres. With that sort of experience, it makes sense that Continental would belong at the top 10.

9.) Uniroyal Tyres: This American tyre brand trickles down technology from Michelin brand, and are marketed as a great value for the money tyre. That being said, Uniroyal is a great choice for people on a budget who want piece of mind when buying tyres.

10.) Toyo Tyres: This Japanese tyre brand owned by Toyota provides great grip and performance. Sometimes underrated, it gives you a good driving experience and safety.

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