How To Replace The Battery In A BMW X6


Not all car batteries are where we generally expect it to be. One vehicle with a concealed battery is the BMW X6. For some reason most likely because the vehicle is 100 percent power operated, the manufacturer choose to place the battery where it won’t be disturbed. But first before we proceed, assuming your BMW X6 battery is dead, which is a challenging situation since the vehicle is mostly power operated. What do you do? Below is a step by step illustration to help you fix this problem.

Where is the battery? You open the hood to check the battery, surprise! surprise! it isn’t there. Well the battery is not located under the hood. It is located in the trunk section of the car. Since the battery is dead you can’t open the trunk because this operation works with the battery. The next thing to do is to pull down the rear seats, you will now have access into the trunk. The video below shows how to manually open the trunk.

How to open the battery casing and replace the battery Now that the trunk is open, it’s time to replace the battery. The recommended capacity is a 100 amps battery. The video below explains how to open the casing and replace the battery.

Hope this explains this procedure well. Please drop your comments to add more valuable information.

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