How To Seal A Cracked Engine/Gearbox Sump

A sump is an oil storage aluminum pan underneath a vehicle’s engine or gear box. For engine or transmission to work at its best, it must be running at a specific operating temperature. This temperature can only be maintained with the aid of engine or transmission oil that acts as a coolant. Subsequently, it needs a component to store the oil and continuously reuse it, that’s where the sump comes in.  The sump is made of Aluminum Alloy which have properties like, strength and weight ratio (light and yet strong), corrosion resistance (anti-rust) and heat reflectivity (reflects heat) making it an excellent material for sump. Though there’s a downside, it’s strength and weight ratio makes it brittle. On bad roads like the ones we have in Nigeria, sumps are often exposed to cracks due to it’s location under the car. Aluminum can not be welded because of it’s heat reflective property, so instead of replacing the sump, you can try this trick and save yourself money. Watch the short video below.

As you can see from the video, JB Weld is the ultimate sump sealant. Unfortunately due to the rate at which adulterated products flood the Nigerian markets today, getting the genuine JB Weld glue is not that easy. But the good news is, we have the original JB Weld steel sealant direct from the USA in our online store. Please follow this link I’m Interested In JB Weld to order yours, we deliver to your location.

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