How To Handle A Hostile Situation When Driving

Facing a hostile situation when driving is a reality many drivers face everyday when on the road. About 90 percent of fatalities on the road are caused by one form of hostile situation or another. Learning how to handle such situations is a matter of optimal safety precaution. Below are ways you can protect yourself when confronted with such.

Relax As Much As Possible When Driving

Understandably dealing with the normal challenges of commuting, driving can be a daunting task sometimes. A driver must be relaxed when on the road. There are various forms of convenience features available in every car to achieve this like Air-conditioning, seat adjustments, music etc. A relaxed driver is more concentrated on the road, thus increasing alert level. This is an important safety aspect of driving.

Practice deep breathing techniques is one way that you can instantly relax when you are driving. Deep breathing slows your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure, and calms you overall.

Never Drive If You Are Tired Or Sick

Driving requires undivided attention, so if you think you are distracted, stressed, fatigued or unwell and it will affect your judgement while driving, you should not get behind the steering wheel.

Any of these can slow down your reaction time and driving in such a state is unwise.


We see car robbery on television all the time, but rarely do we witness the event in real life. But these crimes do happen.

If you ever find yourself in the scary situation of being robbed, always comply and give up your car. No object is worth physical danger.

Getting A Blown Tyre In The Middle Of The Highway

Imagine driving on an isolated highway in the middle of the night and you suddenly have a blown tyre and no spare, first, stay calm. Grip the steering wheel extra tight since it will probably be more difficult to maneuver. When it is safe to do so, change lanes until you can pull on to the side of the road. Once safely on the side of the road or highway, turn on your emergency flashers and call for an emergency service if available.

In case you have a good spare tyre and you know how to change it, proceed with extra caution because standing on any side of the vehicle can be dangerous due to other cars, traffic, and debris. It is best to stay inside your vehicle if you’re waiting for help to arrive.

Brake Failure

If you’re driving at any speed and your brakes fails, it will surely be a scary moment, but we’ve got some tips for that too. Keep tapping on your brakes; it could be that the pads are worn and the fluid is out so if you continue to pump the brake pedal you might eventually kick them into gear.

But in a case the brake refuses to respond, shift your gear to neutral since this disengages the transmission/engine from the wheels and maneuver into the right-hand lane, where you can eventually slow down.

Car On Fire

Most car fires are caused by fuel line malfunctions or split fuel pipes, so be sure to get your car checked at least once a year to make sure everything is in working order, especially if you have an older car. The first thing to do if you see your car begin to emit flames is pull over (if you haven’t already pulled over because of the smoke), put your car in park, and turn off your engine immediately. Once you turn the engine off the fuel will stop flowing, which can help keep the car from an all out explosion.

A lot of people understandably panic, but when they pull over they just leap out of their vehicle, which is still in drive and the car begins to roll forward. If your car is just smoking from the front, you can open the hood very slowly, but be careful as oxygen can cause a fire to expand rapidly. If you see flames, get at least 150 feet back and call for help.

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