Starter Solenoid Problems And Fixes

A whole lot of things can cause a vehicle with a fully charged battery not to start. One of the cause is a starter solenoid contact or brushes popularly known by many Nigerians as Kick-starter brush. Many people get confused when this happens because it rarely gives any sign before a car shows this starting problem. Starter contact issues can result when the contacts in the solenoid which initiates the cranking process is worn out. Replacing a starter solenoid contact is relatively easy and costs between N2,000 to N3,000 in the market.

The starter solenoid contact is located inside the starter itself, so when replacing the brushes, the solenoid has to be removed and opened. Starter solenoid is often located in front of the engine and can come in various shapes and sizes depending on the vehicle brand and model and can be seen if you take a close look just after the engine fan but they all do pretty much the same thing–to kick-start the engine. The video below shows how this can be done:

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