Sanwo-Olu’s Plan For Transportation In Lagos

The newly sworn in Governor of Lagos state, his excellence Babajide Sanwo Olu recently introduced his intending policies for a better Lagos nicknamed the five pillars of development which transportation is it’s number one priority. Lagosians should watch out for a radical change in the traffic structure of Lagos state starting with the notorious gridlock at Apapa ports and it’s environs. According to ThisDayLive news, the new Governor expressed that an efficient transportation system was of vital importance for the development of Lagos.

He continued by saying that there was a need to properly regulate and optimize the efficiency of the transport system to constantly meet the needs of the nation’s growing population. To address this, the policy thrust of our administration will be to prioritize the attainment of a reliable multi-modal transportation system with the following objectives, which include reduce delays, reduce travel-related stress and improve journey time reliability, particularly for business travel and the movement of goods, by improving access to and within activity centres.

He said his team is determined to integrate road, rail and water transportation in Lagos while ensuring that all bad roads are fixed and road infrastructure is generally expanded. Traffic management, he said, is of high priority hence his robust plan in relieving Lagosian of traffic woes by getting trailers off Lagos bridges and ensuring that Lagosians stopped wasting their precious time in traffic.


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