Where To Locate Your Car’s Colour Code

There maybe times you will need to cover up scratches on the body of your car or perhaps do a paint job on your car. How do you know the exact colour to use? Vehicle manufactures have also thought this through and have developed what is known as colour code which is unique to every vehicle colour shade. Local painters in Nigeria use an awkward paint matching technique that leaves room for slight colour error, this I have seen many times–they dip sticks into different colour shades and bring it close to the body of the car to see if it matches, this is a long process that often leaves room for colour disparity. Why go through all that when you have a colour code to get the right paint. We’ll learn where to find the colour code information on the car.

To match the paint colour exactly, look for the colour code listed on the vehicle information sticker in your car. Since the 1980s, most cars feature a sticker that outlines identifying information about the vehicle. This sticker usually includes a bar code and lists the make of your car, the date and country of manufacture, and other relevant information. Look at your car manual to see where the information sticker can be found in your car, or look for it on the inside of your door jamb, on the inside of your car door, on the driver side interior dash, under the hood at the front of the engine or in the rear wheel well, directly above the tyre.

Vehicle Information Sticker

Vehicle Information Sticker

In some vehicles, the code for your car’s paint colour will be clearly labelled “VIN”. Scan through the information on the sticker to find codes specifically listed for paint or colour. These codes may be separated into the body colour and trim colour, which are sometimes different. The number of letters or numbers in the specific colour codes will vary between manufacturers. In some vehicles, the paint colour code will be identified only with an abbreviation or shorthand. Look for the letter “C” which usually indicates colour. You may also see the abbreviation “Tr” indicating the color of the trim on your car.

Colour Code

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