Common Car Exhaust Problems And Fixes

You can almost liken the working of an engine to how we breath. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon-dioxide. The exhaled air contains gases that the body do not need—a by-product of our respiration. A car’s engine functions pretty much the same way. Air goes into the engine and is pressurized with fuel to ignite the combustion process. Burnt gases generated from this combustion is removed from the engine through the exhaust pipe. So when this exhaust passage is leaking or blocked this can have an adverse effect on the engine. We will be looking at common exhaust problems and how to fix it effectively.

Loud Exhaust

If your exhaust system is making an unusual amount of noise, this may be a sign that you have a break or crack in the exhaust pipes, or that you are at the risk of developing one. Another symptom of this problem is a pronounced hissing noise emanating from the exhaust, especially when the vehicle is accelerating. A cracked pipe can allow exhaust fumes to enter the cabin of the vehicle and this can be potentially dangerous. The video below illustrates how to solve this problem.

Decrease in Vehicle Power

A corroded exhaust pipe can lead to a leak, which in turn can cause performance issues to affect the vehicle. This is often due to the accumulation of rust, which may be the number one reason for damaged exhaust systems. When a corroded exhaust pipe breaks and leaks, the car may begin to experience a decrease in engine power, acceleration, and even fuel efficiency. This means you’ll have to visit fueling stations more often than normal, an expensive practice until this is corrected. Solution is replacement of the entire exhaust pipe or affected parts of the pipe.

Hanging Exhaust Pipe

This problem is easier to diagnose but may be more difficult to prevent. The roads that we drive on every day are occasionally cluttered with rocks and other loose debris, not to mention potholes, that may have a jarring effect on your vehicle. Additionally, the rubber brackets holding the exhaust pipes in place may degrade over time. The result is that you may experience pieces of the exhaust system hanging loose and dragging on the road. It is important to have this fixed right away to avoid further damage to the exhaust system.

Wear and Tear

The reality of car maintenance dictates that vehicle components break down over time. Unfortunately, they simply aren’t designed to last forever. As a result, you should have your exhaust system checked at least every year or two, in order to diagnose potential problems that may have arisen through the simple wear and tear of daily driving.

As with most mechanical issues affecting cars these days, there are a number of “home remedies” that an internet search would suggest you try. However, work on a vehicle’s exhaust system is best left to the qualified professionals. Because exhaust fumes include carbon-monoxide and can be very dangerous, you need to be one hundred percent certain that the problem has been fixed. You can contact us by following this link I Need My Exhaust Pipe Checked and a support agent will contact you within 24 hours. You can still chat with our customer service representative by clicking on the chat window on the bottom right of your screen.

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