Dishwashing liquid is designed to aggressively attack and break down dried food, oil and grease. That’s great for dishes—not so great for car paint. Car paint, clear coat and car wax contain oils and resins that maintain the paint’s integrity and filter out harmful UV rays. When you wash your car with dishwashing liquid, you actually strip off the wax and pull some of those critical oils out of the paint and paint sealants, leaving it bare and exposed to the elements. If you immediately wax your car with a high-quality wax, you can restore some of the UV protection. If you don’t wax your car after washing with dishwashing liquid , you lose important sun protection. If you regularly wash your car with dishwashing liquid, you’ll degrade the paint and clear coat enough over its life to cause premature fading and even early paint failure.

Car wash liquid , on the other hand, is designed to remove dirt and grease without removing the surface wax and oils from the paint. It’s also biodegradable, so the wash water runoff is safer for the environment. Find car wash liquid at any auto parts store or in the automotive aisle at most big box stores. It’s cheap and it’s better for your car’s finish. Buy detailing solution in our online store now.