Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Honda

Japanese motor company, Honda, is one of the most famous automobile and motorcycle brands in the world and has been since its conception all the way back in 1946. In fact, Honda is the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, with Honda built bikes applauded and praised by buyers and critics alike. People over look some unique features about Honda automobiles, we’ll be looking closely at these features.

They Have Small Engines

The automobile industry is downsizing when it comes to engines, with Honda a prime example of smaller turbo engines that supposedly pack a punch.

They Don’t Make Big Cars

Honda is renowned for creating small vehicles that sometimes pack a punch

Resale Value Is High

The second-hand car market for Honda vehicles is one of the biggest in the world, which is mostly down to the price. Yes, Honda’s might be cheap and reliable

Transmission Failure Is Common

Transmission failure in Honda vehicles is a common occurrence, especially when it comes to vehicles made between 1999 and 2004. Transmission failure in these specific years is off the charts, with more than half of Honda owners reporting transmission problems under 90,000 miles

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