How To Maintain A Hybrid Car

Hybrid vehicles are not as common as regular vehicles especially in this part of the world. This makes maintenance knowledge of these type of cars almost unknown because of how the system operates. Hybrid vehicles have the ability to shut off their internal combustion engines and operate on electric motor with the aid of batteries based under certain conditions. Because of this, hybrid car engines doesn’t work as hard as regular car engines, resulting in reduced wear and tear.

Because of the way that the internal combustion engine works, the electric drive motor, and the transmission are mated together to work more or less as an entity, a malfunction in one component can affect the way the others function. Serious troubleshooting, diagnosis, and repair of this system is best left to professionals but you can check the transmission fluid, change out spark plugs and fuel and air filters.

Complex electronic modules that control the electric drive motor for both propulsion and regenerative braking can generate enormous amounts of heat, so those often have their own dedicated cooling systems. When performing the regular maintenance on the engine cooling system, remember to check the individual hoses, pipes, and clamps as well as any additional filters that may be used on the motor and battery cooling/heating system.

Hybrids generally are equipped with dual voltage systems. Though most of the electrical system is safe standard 12-volt, the drive motor and related components operate well in excess of 100 volts. The safety threshold is low and narrow, an electrical shock with as little as 50 volts can prove fatal. To warn technicians and operators of these high voltage circuits, the cables are wrapped in a bright orange casing. To safely maintain and repair these components, the system must be de-powered, a task that is absolutely best left to trained technicians.


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