Nigerian inter-state roads and highways are the bloodstreams of the country and one of the busiest in Africa, commuting people and goods from one state to another or beyond. These highways attract a number of scrupulous individuals and groups exploiting unsuspecting travelers. These Urchins are either from local communities or from other places and they form groups from begging groups, extortion groups to out right robbery groups.

There isn’t much difference between them and their urban counterparts. They demand money from cars parked at certain roads or extort money from travelers posing as Local Government officials.

Some groups pose as good Samaritans coming to help distressed travelers or labourers fixing bad parts of the roads for alms collection. Their aim? To get as much money as possible from travelers. If you are not cautious, you maybe pick-pocketed or robbed.

How To Protect Yourself

Number one rule is always be on your guard. Keep your windows up especially when at slow moving parts of the road or check points.

Make sure to keep your car in good shape before embarking on a trip. A broken down car to highway urchins is like a sugar to a colony of ants. And never stop or slow down your car for no reason except you are sure there’s need to.