Why You Shouldn’t Park Your Car For Too Long

With the present lockdown currently in most part of the country due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic, some cars are parked for weeks on end and this is not a good idea. Cars parked for a long period of time often develop issues some which may result to expensive repair. We will be looking at problems which can result from this and how to prevent it.

First problem you’ll notice is failed battery. A car battery will hold power for some time until when it is recharged. Therefore, if the car is stationary, there is a possibility that it will lose power because the battery is not recharged regularly. Batteries naturally discharge and can only regain charge if the car is driven. The car needs to be driven regularly to allow the battery to recharge. In fact, regular longer drives are recommended for the battery to recharge fully. At least the engine should be left to run daily for about 30 minutes to an hour to keep the battery in order.

Tyres are the only parts of a car that touch the ground and when the car is parked for a long time, they will deflate with some parts rotting.Bad tyres are not safe for driving because they develop invisible weak points, which if not inspected, can turn fatal. To prevent this, drive the car around as often as you can within your neighbourhood.

Because the engine powers the car’s locomotion, it has a number of components that can be damaged through corrosion. Different belts, valves, cylinder walls and wires are susceptible to rust if the car is parked for a long period of time, this mainly results from low lubrication. The engine must run regularly to keep the circulation of oil within the engine at optimum level for proper lubrication. Failure to run your engine regularly will result to expensive replacement of some parts like the oil seal because this part dries out if the car hasn’t been used in a long time.

In most cases, brake discs and other parts rust as a result of inactivity. This loosens up the brakes’ grip overtime, which must be replaced to regain grip.

A car gains immeasurable value and beauty if it’s paint is spread in perfect shape. However, cars that are parked for a long time tend to gather dust that fades away some of paint. The dust forms a coat that has adverse effects on the paint, such damage can be prevented with a car cover even if it’s parked under a shade or inside a garage.

The car will also experience leakage in the air conditioning system and rusty suspensions.

The best way to deal with these is to drive your car often within your neighborhood or environment. But obey the law and observe social distancing to stay safe and avoid infection.

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I've worked as a technical support representative in major auto centers in Nigeria for more than twenty years. I have dealt with a variety of problems in my capacity as a customer service representative and auto diagnostics expert. I'm committed to assisting people in properly maintaining their automobiles and in appreciating this magnificent innovation known as an automobile.

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