Many older car models and some cars today still use hydraulic fluid system to operate the power steering. High pressure is needed for power steering fluid as a means for smooth easy turning of the wheel to the front tyres either through a power steering gear or rack. So when this power steering fluid is contaminated, issues can come up which when not addressed can cause a complete failure of the power steering system. We’ll be looking at this and possible fixes.

Contaminated power steering fluid can come from oil, water or other solution leakage to bad power steering fluid which clogs fluid passage way and cause malfunction. Unfortunately, clogs are very difficult to diagnose because there is no way to measure the pressures in your power steering system.  If a clog is causing your power steering problems the first thing to do is to try flushing the system.  If that doesn’t work, often times you have to replace the entire steering rack or gear.

Every car has a manufacturer recommended power steering fluid, check your owner’s manual for specifications. You can find genuine power steering fluid by visiting our store. You can also schedule a power steering checkup appointment with one of our power steering specialist here.