With global emission concerns and the need for energy management, car manufacturers are innovating vehicles with environmentally friendly and energy saving capabilities. There some interesting features that come with recent car models you probably may not know about.

Continuous Variable Transmission

Continuous Variable Transmission

Many recent car models today especially the entry level models like Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic come with a CVT— a continuous variable transmission also known as a shiftless transmission. A CVT changes speed seamlessly through a continuous range of effective gear ratios, which is in contrast to conventional mechanical transmission which offers a number of fixed gear ratio. Due to a CVT’s flexibility, it offers better fuel efficiency than mechanical transmission thereby cutting emission and better fuel management.

Light Emitting Diode LED

Light Emitting Diode

In LED electrical current excites the electrons within the diode, making them release photons, which we see as light. This form of light is energy saving, cheaper, shines brighter than conventional light and lasts longer. It’s energy saving ability makes it a manufacturers choice for contemporary cars.

Intelligent Fuel Injection System

Variable Valve Timing Injector

Engines of recent car models are fitted with smart injector system which with the aid of onboard computer regulates the distribution fuel-air ratios into the engine’s combustion chamber for optimal fuel economy thereby reducing emission.