You may have come across the term “Turbo Engine” in the past but got a bit confused on what differentiates it from a conventional engine. Turbo engine is like every other engine but with a little difference on how combustion occurs in the cylinder. We will look closely at this type of combustion process to understand what makes a turbo engine exceptional.

During a combustion, compressed fuel and air is ignited by the spark plug to produce an explosion in the cylinder which forces the piston down in one of the stages called a stroke. The energy created by this process in the engine is harnesses to propel the car into motion.

But in the case of a turbo engine, a turbine increases the air inflow into the cylinder which causes a bigger explosion which generates more power to create more energy thus increasing speed and performance output of the car.

Turbo engine is suitable for sport cars which have high speed and performance capabilities. But the downside of this type of engine is in fuel consumption. When you have more explosion, you have more fuel burnt.