Tips To Avoid Engine Failure

One major way your engine can suffer a catastrophic failure is by lack of lubrication. Not only do you need to change your oil on time but you also need to switch to synthetic oil. Because more wear and tear occurs when a car is started due to initial lack of oil circulation, synthetic oil is a preferable option. Synthetic oil is a much better oil because of it’s high viscosity.

Synthetic Engine Oil

During oil change always make sure to put oil in the oil filter before inserting. This is necessary because when you start your car, the oil-pump takes the oil from the sump or engine bucket and pass it through the oil filter before getting into the engine. In the case of a new oil filter, it will take a little time for the oil to get into the filter before proceeding to the engine, subjecting the engine to loose necessary lubrication during start-up which in turn causes wear and tear.

Oil Filter

Always replace your engine timing belt and it’s components as at when due. Although this is not required as often as oil change, it’s important to do so. The timing belt is responsible for controlling the intake valves and the exhaust valves necessary for the combustion strokes. If for any reason the belt slips or cuts due to wear and tear, it can lead to a catastrophic engine failure.

Engine Timing Belt

Always replace your water pump on time. Wear and tear can cause the water pump to fail leading to overheating. Overheating is never good for any engine system. This is because every engine maintains a certain temperature for optimal performance. When the temperature in your engine spikes above recommended temperature, this will burn the gasket and damage other components of the engine causing engine failure.

Water Pump

Replace your thermostat when due. Thermostat plays a crucial role in maintaining the engine temperature because it regulates the flow of heated coolant and fresh coolant intake through the engine block during the engine operation. Worn thermostat won’t function properly leading to overheating.

Radiator Cap

Always check your radiator cap for wear and tear. Bad radiator cap can not maintain the pressure need to keep the engine from overheat, so check and replace when due.

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