What Is Air Dam And It’s Function?

Like a Spoiler, Air Dam is an aerodynamic device that helps to streamline airflow while a car is in motion. This device is attached to the underside of the front of an automobile to improve stability, aerodynamic performance, and engine cooling by redirecting the flow of air to or through preferred parts. Sometimes people confuse Air Dams for bumpers, we will be taking a closer look at this device to appreciate it’s function in relation to fuel economy and car performance.

When the car moves at a high speed, it faces a lot of resistance from the incoming air and creates some kind of force at the bottom. Car designers usually describe it as turbulence or aerodynamic drag. This destabilizes the vehicle, particularly at the high-speed.  If it does not remain under control, it may cause the car to lift from the rear and sway.

Air Dam

This being said, a device is need to control the drag and provide stability to the vehicle. The function of the Air Dam is to ‘spoil’ or nullify the effect of the undesired air movement across the vehicle when it is in motion. It not just only disrupt the existing airflow patterns, but also generate the down-force as the air passes around the vehicle. Thus, it provides greater stability and traction control at high speeds.

Difference Between Spoiler And Air Dam

When Spoiler is fitted at the front of the vehicle, it is known as an Air Dam. However, it is called a Spoiler when the manufacturers install it at the rear of the vehicle. The Air Dam is fitted at the bottom of a car’s nose or front bumper. It directs the flow of air around the car instead of under it. This prevents the airflow which goes underneath the car known as Underflow, which is a highly turbulent air and makes the car to consume more energy which in turn burns fuel. Air Dam prevents this excessive consumption of energy and enhances the vehicle’s fuel economy.

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