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Closer Look At Zebra Crossing

According to the Oxford British dictionary, Zebra Crossing is an area on a busy road painted with broad white stripes, where vehicles must stop if pedestrians wish to cross. Zebra Crossings in some places are often over looked or simply ignored due to lack of proper orientation given to drivers on the importance of this pedestrian markings. We will take a closer look at Zebra Crossings to understand what it is all about and to appreciate it well enough to obey it.

Zebra Crossings give pedestrians more rights on the road for crossing. It assists children, elderly or disabled people to conveniently cross the road without worrying about on coming vehicles. Drivers on the order hand must slow down at the sight of Zebra Crossings. Zebra Crossing is a safe measure for preventing pedestrian-vehicle accidents.

You can find Zebra Crossings everywhere especially on roads close to schools and hospitals but also regular roads. Traffic lights are also often installed next to Zebra Crossings to warn oncoming vehicles of the presence of these strips on the road.

We will do well as responsible drivers to obey Zebra markings when on the road. A safer road prevents unnecessary injuries or death.

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