A Closer Look At A Car’s Bonnet

A car Bonnet, also referred to as a Hood  in some countries, is the hinged cover that rests over the engine of a front-engine vehicle. Its main function is to direct access to the engine, battery and other crucial parts of the cars for repair and maintenance and to protect these parts from direct sunlight and dust. A closer look will help us to properly know how to use this cover.

Bonnets are provided with different vent designs to allow air to enter for aiding in cooling the engine and the engine compartment. Sometimes it is required to supply pure air so filter is provide on the bonnet to supply filtered inlet-air and also help in car aerodynamic stability. Car manufacturers design the Bonnet to give the car a measure of good looks.

How To Use A Bonnet

Bonnet Maintenance

Exercising care when closing the Bonnet of your car is important in keeping it in good working condition. The mechanics of closing your car Bonnet isn’t rocket science, but there is a correct way of doing it to ensure that it won’t get worn out easily and to keep everything underneath in good shape.

A latch installed underneath secures the Bonnet in place. When doing repairs and maintenance, make sure that you don’t accidentally leave some items in the engine compartment. Do an inventory of all the tools or used parts that were used before you close the Bonnet. Check that all the lids and covers of the components inside your engine compartment are properly attached. Make sure all of them are secured tightly to prevent leaks and other issues.

When closing the Bonnet, unhook the rod and fasten it to the clip. Hold the front edge of the Bonnet with one hand, slightly push it upward, and unhook the prop rod with your other hand. Lower the rod and secure it in place—there should be a small clip near the front of the engine compartment. Using a rag, remove any grease off the edge of the Bonnet.

Car Bra

Car Bra

To prevent scratches and dents on your Bonnet, you can use an accessory called Car Bra which is a piece of heavy-duty fabric stretched over the front of the car. It’s most often made of vinyl and has a soft felt backing. Hooks or magnets hold covers securely in place. It stops chips and dings from forming as you drive. Strikes from rocks and debris on the highway deflect off the fabric.

This attention-grabbing accessory gives a stylish appearance to cars giving it a sportier look and suggests the command of the road. There are different cuts and colours available even customize appearance.

Car bra protects the original paintwork of the Bonnet. The cosmetic condition of your vehicle influences the value. Repainting a car is not always a good solution and touch up paint is easy to spot. Shoddy work or slight differences in the paint’s color are hard to overlook.

Car Bras are available in the market and designed for various car brands and models.

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