How To Breakout From The Trunk Of A Car

We are all too familiar by scenes of people being abducted in the movies and TV shows. As interesting as it is to watch these clips, it’s a frightening reality to know that abduction occurs on daily basis all over the world. Statistics shows that cases of kidnap has spiked exponentially in recent years and the likelihood of an average person to be kidnapped has shifted significantly. Either you are in a situation of abduction or you’re mistakenly trapped in the trunk, every second counts due to lack of ventilation within the compact space of the trunk and in some cases, limited air to breath. We will look at ways to breakout from the trunk of the car in emergency situation.

Use The Internal Trunk Release Feature

Many cars today especially cars built after 2002, have internal trunk release features built into the trunks in cases of emergency. Almost all of these features work the same. The video below shows the basics on how to use the internal trunk release feature.

You can check your car booklet to know where this feature is located in your car.

Kick Your Way Out

In the case where the car doesn’t have an internal release feature or you don’t know where it is located, kick through the backseat and crawl out through the passenger compartment. If you can’t manage that kind of escape, you might be able to kick out a tail light at the rear of the car from inside the trunk. Once the light is out, stick your hand out through the hole and wave to attract people for help. The video below further explains this.

If you have any suggestions or techniques please post in the comment box below.

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