When the empty tank light comes on, it’s an indication that the car has run out of fuel. Normally the car continues to run, but for how long? In a situation where you are caught up in a traffic jam or you are not in sight of a filling station it’s possible your car can stop but it depends. Often there is always a decent quantity of fuel left in the tank when the light comes on, this varies on the type of car. Often a minimum of 10 litres is left in the tank irrespective of the type of car.

To maximize the running time of your car, you’ve to first reduce the load on your car’s engine. If the engine is carrying a heavy load, it burns fuel a lot faster. Air-conditioner is one thing that exerts heavy load on the car so turn it off and slightly roll down the windows to prevent wind resistance. Maintain a maximum speed of 65 Km/hr which is considered the most fuel-efficient speed. Make sure your tyres have good pressure – under-inflated tyres increase fuel consumption.