Fuel additives are increasingly becoming popular and aggressively marketed. But what are these additives and what are their functions? Many car owners are ignorant of the effects of these products on their vehicles. One of this additive is the Octane Booster which happens to be the most popular. We will take a closer look at the Octane Booster and it’s effects on cars.

Octane booster is a fuel additive designed to rise the octane level in fuel. This increases the power output and efficiency in vehicle engines. By improving fuel compression before detonation, the power of the vehicle’s engine is enhanced for greater horsepower.

Octane Booster

Octane boosters help reduce emissions that eventually drive away carbon build-up in the engine. Too much carbon build-up in your vehicle’s engine could lead to poor performance and even stalling.

Engine knocking is caused by the pre-ignition of the fuel and air mixture in the vehicle’s cylinder. Using octane boosters in the right amounts will help your car’s engine run correctly, limiting the chances of damaging your engine through excess knocking.

Though good for improving engine performance, octane booster is not that necessary if your engine is new and in good shape. The use of octane booster is mainly applicable to older vehicles that run poorly.

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