If you look closely at some Toyota pick-up trucks, you will notice TRD boldly written on it. This is particular for trims across the Tacoma and Tundra range of pick-up trucks. What does this term mean and what unique capabilities does it give to these type of pick-up trims.? We will take a look at this.

TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development, an arm of Toyota that develops Toyota vehicles with racing and high performance capabilities. This gives it an added boost particularly on the off-road racing performance in comparison to other regular trims of its model. TRDs are developed with off-road speed in mind. High performance engine, reinforced suspension system and an aggressive 4X4 functionality, almost like a truck on steroids.

Toyota TRD

But this comes with a cost. Fuel consumption is one down side of TRDs due to the high performance engine. If you like performance and don’t mind fuel consumption, then TRD is your truck.