Gear slipping is one of the common transmission problems a car can have. A sure way to know that your car transmission is slipping out of gear is the sudden high revving of the engine when your car is in motion, the car will loose speed or traction when this happens. This may happen on a number of time intervals when you are driving. We will look at what could cause this to happen and possible fixes to this problem.

It’s important to note that gear slipping does not necessarily mean your transmission is parking up or failing, but it does demand you have it checked. There are few common causes that precipitate transmission gear slipping and failing.

  • There’s an inadequate level of transmission fluid in the transmission box, a contaminated fluid or low fluid viscosity due to over-use.
  • The transmission solenoids possibly may have run-down. Transmission solenoids are electro-hydraulic valves that control fluid flow into and throughout an automatic transmission via a voltage or current supplied by the transmission computer or controller. If the solenoid valves are blocked or clogged, this will hinder easy flow of fluid within the system and disrupt transmission shifts.
  • If the solenoids are not getting enough or no current flow or the transmission computer is faulty, these can be one of the causes of gear slipping.

Slipping gear is a serious safety issue and must be checked immediately before it affects other transmission components. Contact your technician to run a diagnostic check on your car and get this problem fixed. You can contact any of our transmission experts HERE and schedule an inspection and repair appointment.