How To Know The Quality Of Gasoline From It’s Colour

Bad gasoline or fuel is the number one cause of a whole host of problems with a car. It often starts with the “Check Engine” light coming on, difficulty starting your car, sluggish in movement, rough idling or shaking of the engine while it’s running, pinging sounds from the engine, reduced fuel economy and high emission. Distinguishing the various qualities of fuel available in the market will help you make a better choice where to buy your fuel and to avoid unnecessary repair jobs caused by the effects of bad fuel.

Depending on the grade of the gasoline and the additives used in the production, it can be anything from a very light hue of green, very transparent colourless yellow or gold hue to a pink colour.

  • Regular Fuel is often greenish or slightly bluish in colour.
  • Mid-grade Fuel is often yellowish or slightly golden in colour.
  • Premium Fuel is always high in octane rating and usually pink in colour.

Avoid gasoline with an orange colour. It is an indication that it has gone bad and will damage your fueling system.

If after observation and you feel the quality of the gasoline is not good enough, you can boost the octane level of the fuel by adding an additive. Order one HERE.

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