Things You Should Never Leave In The Car

It is fair to consider a car not just a means of transportation, but also a means to keep things. After all, only you can get into it legally anyway. And while it’s perfectly okay to keep some things in the car, there are plenty of other items that really shouldn’t be there for a prolonged period of time. We will take a look at a list of things you should absolutely not leave in your car.


Don’t Leave Drugs In The Car

Most medicines are recommended to be left at a room’s temperature, but a car will rarely stay at that temperature when parked on a hot day. Heat generated within the car probably won’t make your drugs directly harmful, but it could make them less effective. So if you are not parked under a sheltered garage, it will be advisable not to leave your drugs in the car.


Don’t Leave Gadgets In The Car

Aside from their value, gadgets like laptops, cell phones, and flash drives contain information that could be easy to steal. If you’re in a position where you have to leave your gadgets unattended, make sure they are pass-worded or encrypted. This makes it difficult to access your information without authorization. An additional layer of protection apart from your password will leave someone trying to view or steal your information unable to do so without a fair amount of effort. A much easier way to avoid this is to take your gadgets with you when leaving your car.


Don’t Leave Sunscreen In The Car

Ironically, some skin care products like creams and lotions contain sunscreen which has active ingredients that break down in high heat. Leaving it in the car on a hot day could reduce its effectiveness and on top of it, the heat could cause it to explode, leaving your car in a mess.

Plastic Bottled Water

Don’t Leave Plastic Bottled Water In The Car

Although not medically clear, researchers have linked chemicals found in plastic water bottles to cause cancer and heart disease. Allowing a bottled water to sit in the car under the sun and heat up could cause these chemicals to get into the water. Also, leaving a plastic water bottle to lie around for a while could encourage growth of microorganisms.


Don’t Leave Your Glasses Lying Around

Make use of the sunglasses compartment of your car, but don’t leave your shades lying around after you reach your destination. Heat can warp plastic frames and make metal ones too hot to wear. Leaving your glasses or sunglasses on the dashboard is even worse because the windshield could attract sunlight like a magnifying glass.

Aerosol Cans

Don’t Leave Aerosol Cans In The Car

Aerosol cans like hair sprays, insecticide sprays or paint sprays have clear warning labels that prohibits the storage in temperatures above certain degrees. This should be adhered to, because as the product’s temperature rises in the car, so does the pressure inside the can. This causes it to spray continuously or even explode. Don’t leave full aerosol cans in the car.

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