Sometimes when buying a used car or in most occasion when buying a new car, a spare key is given. This key act as a backup key to the car in cases of emergency. But there are some cases this key may not work. What could be the cause? There are things to first look out for which could likely be the cause.

The Key Has Not Been Programmed

There is a possibility that the key hasn’t been programmed to work with your car. The transponder key and the key fob have to be programmed to communicate with your car. You can also read Trick On How To Program A Car Key Yourself

You Might Be Using A Copied Key

Each time that a key gets duplicated, the duplicate moves further away from being identical to the original. This means that if you duplicate a duplicate car key, the version you are going to get will actually be different from the original. 

Worn Out Key Fob Or Keyless Remote Battery

This may be that the battery in your key fob or keyless entry remote is out of power. This is a common problem, but one that has a rather easy solution. Batteries run out of power over a certain period of time, so diagnosing this problem is relatively simple.

Damaged Key

Damaged key doesn’t have to be a broken key that is split into pieces. A key could appear intact but be damaged because it corresponds to an internal mechanism of the lock or the ignition that it is used for.

Sometimes you may need a detailed look into the problem. We have key specialists that can assist you. You can chat with us or make an appointment HERE . You will be contacted within 24 hours.