Without a thought, you’ll probably choose the automatic transmission over the manual transmission. This is because automatic transmission is increasingly becoming more popular in today’s cars. As low as about 20% of cars manufactured and sold today are manual drives, far less than automatic transmission cars which holds 80%. But despite the popularity of automatic transmission cars, there is still a considerable demand for manual transmission cars. Some of these benefits you may not have known.

Easier and cheaper to maintain

Manual transmission is far less complex than automatic transmission. Because of this, there is less of a chance for something to go wrong. The clutch is the only item that generally needs repair, but for the most part it rarely needs repair.

Better fuel economy

Cars with automatic transmission have a torque converter and hydraulic pump, which robs the car off a percentage of its fuel efficiency. Those who drive manual vehicles have better fuel mileage.

Full control of the car

Many skilled professional drivers will always prefer a manual transmission because it gives them full control over the shifting of gears. This maximizes performance and handling of the car much more efficiently than the automatic transmission.