Over the years studies have shown a pattern of road accident occurrences at certain times of the day. Statistics have also shown a spike in cases of road accidents in recent years, particularly within the same time period. Interestingly, there are factors that constitutes to this. We will consider these factors and look at ways to protect ourselves.

Late and early hours of the day

This is during late hours of the night and very early hours of the morning between 10PM and 7AM. This time period is resting time for most people. And the number one cause of accidents during this time is fatigue. A tired driver behind a wheel is a disaster waiting to happen. It is always advisable for a driver to sleep when tired before taking to the road, but it continues to be a challenge to enforce this rule by road safety agencies.

Early hours of weekends

Weekends are times people love to party and have fun. These parties almost always come with alcoholic beverages and other forms of stimulants. This impairs vision and concentration on the road when driving and can prove dangerous. In fact early hours of Saturday mornings have recorded the highest number of road accident fatalities. This always comes with the saying, “Never Drive Under The Influence”.

Bad weather

Storms or heavy rain impairs the vision of a driver on the road during this time. Caution should be taken and speed reduced. There is that possibility of not seeing oncoming vehicles at this time or even your vehicle being visible to them. Identify your presence by turning on your hazard light and headlights. Recklessness on the road at this time can be fatal, so be careful.