Sitting position is crucial not only to the health and well being of the driver, but also in keeping the driver alert. When driving, any split second distraction can prove disastrous. That is why full concentration is absolutely necessary for every driver. A driver should be comfortable, but at the same time sit in a position that will allow less distractions.

Most car seats come with adjustments, some are manual while others are electrically powered with memory settings. A driver should set up his or her car seat to give enough leg room for quick manoeuvre between the brake pedal and the throttle pedal. Sitting must be upright and in a position that gives the driver a good view of the road ahead as well as the rear mirrors. Upright sitting position makes it hard for the driver to get too relaxed and possibly fall asleep while driving.

Proper Driving Posture

Automobile companies are now developing Artificial Intelligence systems that observes the driver’s mood by monitoring the breathing and heartbeat rates so as to initiate automatic safety functions when there’s a need for it. We will probably see such vehicles on the roads sooner than we think.