Car window tint is a very popular accessory for cars, especially in regions with high temperature and humidity. On the other hand, some people tint their windows purely for cosmetic reasons. But the main reason for tinting car windows is to protect the interior of the car from sun damage and to keep the inside of the vehicle cooler. There have been questions raised about visibility of tinted windows at night and during bad weather.

Understandably, having dark tinted windows will impede vision at night. While this is certainly a possibility if one disobeyed the law and placed deep dark tint on every window, it is not necessarily true if the tint is applied properly. Rear windows have the darkest window tint while the front windows tints are applied to reduce glare and not interfere with your night driving ability.

The driver is the primary controller of a vehicle and for safety reasons must have good visibility at night. Therefore testing for window tint in the darkness requires looking out for tints with good visibility and which maintains privacy.

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