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A Closer Look At Amoured Vehicles

At first glance, it’s quite difficult to distinguish between an armoured vehicle from a normal one. This is because of advancements in laser-cutting technology of reinforced vehicle body types to better defend against ballistic attacks without affecting the esthetics of the car. These vehicles are more popular today than ever with growing security concerns. But not everyone is allowed to use it under law without getting a form of clearance by security agencies.

Originally, armoured vehicles were used by military officials from the time of the First World War to protect against gun and bomb attacks. Afterwards its usage expanded to politicians and law enforcement officials. These vehicles come very handy in protecting occupants and valuables especially when travelling through high risk areas.

Armouring is done in accordance with the level of security needed. For example, a presidential vehicle is armoured to the A5 standard. This means it can withstand several rounds of bullets from an AK 47 rifle. Galvanized hardened ballistic steel is used for preparing the body of the vehicle. This allows the vehicle to easily withstand corrosion and even high temperature.

Flat tyre inserts are used to aid the armoured car in escaping any potentially dangerous situations. This means that the vehicle can comfortably drive a long distance with flat tyres, even if the tyres are attacked. To withstand the additional weight of armour, the brake and suspension systems have been improved.

Any armoured vehicle’s windshield is bullet resistant. The amount of safety desired determines the thickness of the glass. Bullets would not be able to penetrate the car through a B7 bullet resistant window. Just a few inches can be opened in the glass windows.

In the case of an attack or crash, the fuel tank is armoured to prevent it from catching fire. The roof and floor have also been made ballistic proof to prevent the car from exploding and injuring the passengers.

The whole car is gutted before the armouring process begins. Since steel is much stronger than composite materials, the whole body of the armoured car is made of ballistic steel. Even the seats, engine, and dashboard are protected by an armoured shell. This is done to ensure that the inhabitants are absolutely shielded from any possible risks.

Any vehicle can be amoured. From buses, trucks, SUVs to small cars. Our engineers are available to give you more insight to the customization process. CONTACT US for more details.

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