Do you fight criminals or follow their orders when they threaten you? These kinds of split-second decisions will decide whether or not you survive the attack. Cars are robbed on a daily basis, and knowing why criminals carry out these attacks will help us escape with our lives and, in some cases, valuables. Car jacking has become increasingly common in recent years as a result of family disintegration, economic deprivation, a lack of jobs, and drug abuse, which have resulted in criminal gangs prowling the streets looking for helpless cars and victims. Following these steps will likely ensure your safety.

Always be on the alert

Traffic red lights, ATM machines, lonely street corners and parking lots are few of the locations where carjackers like to strike. Be on the alert and avoid these areas especially when there are no people around. Robbers love to operate in quiet lonely places where they can avoid attracting crowds.

Always keep your doors locked

When driving, keep your doors locked and your windows up as much as possible, particularly if you’re stuck in traffic. Carjackers often use this opportunity to rob vehicle occupants.

Car thief looking through the open window

Never allow strangers into your car

If your car breaks down and a stranger tries to help, do not open your window or door due to the time and place. Though their motives can be good in some situations, it’s safer to be safe than sorry, so ask them to call for help if you don’t have access to a phone.

Don’t be fooled by the bump and rob

Sometimes criminals deliberately hit you on purpose to get you out of your vehicle in order to rob you. Should this happen, don’t be fooled, take down their license plate number and keep driving.

Remember nothing is worth more than your life. If you are faced with a carjacker, don’t fight. Give them whatever they demand and walk away with your life. You can also read: Carjacking: How To Protect Yourself