Choosing The Right Motor Oil For Your Car

Change of motor oil is a crucial part of a car’s maintenance in ensuring a well functioning and lasting engine. But choosing the right motor oil can be a difficult job, particularly with so many options available in the market today. Although there is a wealth of knowledge available about the various oil options, the first phase is actually very straightforward.

The first place to look at is the car’s owner’s manual. What you should expect to see is the recommended oil weight, which is usually written as 10W-30 or something similar. This figure simply means the viscosity or thickness of the oil to be used.

On the motor oil container, you’ll also find a two-character service designation mainly SP for petrol or gasoline engines, and CK-4 for diesel engines. This indicates the ability of the oil to protect the engine from wear and tear, high-temperature deposits, and sludge based on the engine type which is determined by a series of laboratory and engine tests. Though there are lot more variants but these are the basics.

Premium Conventional Oil

This form of oil is widely used in oil changes on a variety of automobiles, and it comes in a variety of viscosities, usually 5W-20 and 5W-30 for colder and warmer ambient temperatures, respectively. Many light-duty vehicles are included in these ratings.

Premium Conventional Oil

Full Synthetic Oil

Full Synthetic Oil

This oil is designed for high-tech engines or heavy-duty applications. They often pass test for superior, longer-lasting performance across the board, from viscosity index to deposit resistance. At low temperatures, they flow smoother and retain peak viscosity at high temperatures. So, why should they not be used by everyone? These oils are costly, and they aren’t needed for all engines. There might even be some features that synthetic oils lack that your engine needs. Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual once more.

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