When Your Car Vibrates, Causes And Fixes

Cars are designed to maintain little or no vibration when in use but when vibration occurs it’s always a certain sign that there’s a problem. There are number of issues that can cause a car to vibrate. We will look at these issues and suggest solution to help stop it.

A simple test to know if you have an abnormal vibration issue is to place a cup or bottle of water in a car and start the vehicle. If the water shakes or produce ripples, then you may have a case of vibration (though this is for a specific vibration problem). Depending on the intensity of the vibration, this will indicate a mild or severe problem.


The most common cause of this comes from the engine compartment. These are what you should always look out for:

  • Dirty fuel filter
  • Bad spark plug
  • Poor air/fuel mixture
  • Damaged or worn out engine mounting buchens
Engine Mount

Please Note If the vibration occurs only when you accelerate or have been driving for a period of time, then it’s likely an engine issue. Get it checked immediately. You can make an appointment HERE

Bent Axle

Axles are long rotating shafts attached to the wheels from the transmission or gearbox. They could become bent as a result of collusion from an accident. This will make the car shake as you drive and increase as you accelerate.

Bent Axle

Damaged Brake Rotors

Commonly known as brake disc, a bad rotor can cause a car to shake when brake is applied. Rotors are attached to the wheels and help the car stop when the brake pads grip on it. If worn out brake pads are not replaced when due, they can damage the rotors and cause this to happen.

Bad Rotor

Misaligned Wheels

When you don’t align your wheels, your vehicle tend to swerve while you are driving and can vibrate in some cases. The wheel lug nuts which tighten tyres to the wheels could be worn out and cause vibration when in motion. It’s important to take your car for alignment especially if you have done any repair on the wheels.

Wheel Alignment


Unbalanced tyres are often the culprits of vibration when a car is in motion at a certain speed. Balancing your tyres gives them even rotation on the road. This stop them from vibrating. Bad or worn tyres can also cause vibration while in motion. The best bet is to replace bad tyres.

Bad Tyre

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