Is A Car Glass Window That Hard To Break?

Generally glass is fragile and as a result breaks easily. But a car glass, unlike conventional glass, does not break into sharp fragments when broken, posing a safety issue. Auto glass is responsible for 60 percent of the car’s structural integrity, whereas in a head-on collision, it absorbs 45 percent of the crash impact. Because of this, auto glass is reinforced unlike standard glass. But how hard is an auto glass?

Because of it’s flexible nature, glass has become a popular choice for car manufacturers in creating distinctive forms and creative patterns for contemporary window profiles in cars. Auto glass is engineered to be UV-resistant so that passengers can enjoy natural light without being exposed to dangerous UV rays.

There are various types of auto glass

Laminated Glass is made up of two strong sheets of glass that are sandwiched together with a layer of Polyvinyl Butyral in the center to form a single thick sheet. These layers are fused together at high temperatures to create extraordinarily strong and durable auto glass that won’t break in an accident. Although still breakable in a case of an accident, the PVB interlayer protects passengers since the glass fragments adhere to the adhesive rather than flying around, increasing the risk of damage. This is the most popular auto glass used for windshields.

Laminated Glass

Tempered Glass is utilized for car side windows because it is 10 times stronger than normal glass. Unlike laminated glass, it is subject to shattering. Tempered glass, on the other hand, is similarly safe since it breaks down into little, dull-edged pieces and cubes rather than shards, protecting passengers from harm. Furthermore, whereas laminated glass may be restored, tempered glass shatters completely in an accident and must be replaced. Because it does not provide the same level of protection as laminated glass, it is exclusively used for windows and not for windscreens.

Tempered Glass

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  1. I liked learning how laminated glass is more commonly used in windshields because they are designed to adhere to the adhesive in the event of an impact. My daughter usually rides next to me, so I need to make sure the car uses laminated glass. I’ll check the manufacturer’s label to confirm and will get it replaced in case it’s not laminated glass.

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