Do I Need Wheel Alignment For New A Tyre?

Before we clearly understand this question, we have to know what wheel alignment is. An alignment is the process of adjusting and correcting the suspension geometry of a vehicle in relation to its tyres. When the car’s tyres are properly aligned, it will drive straight and true without pulling to the right or left. A correct wheel alignment can also prevent premature or unusual tyre wear, as well as future suspension concerns. This answers the question but there is still more to this.

Replacing A Tyre

Although most mechanics will agree that an alignment is required after installing new tyres, this subject is always up for debate. The reason for this is that you’ll want to make sure your new tyres are making proper contact with the road you’re driving on, as well as giving a smooth ride and lengthy tread life. The frequency with which you should have your automobile aligned depends on how often you drive it and what types of roads you usually drive on. If you drive your car on particularly bumpy roads most of the time, it may benefit from an alignment once or twice a year.

Wheel Balancing

The length of time it takes to align a car varies, but it normally takes around an hour. It’s always a good idea to make an appointment with the shop where you’re taking your car because many shops only have one alignment rack to work with, which could result in a long wait if you simply walk in. Make an appointment with us for a wheel alignment HERE

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