What Is The Most Stolen Type Of Car In Nigeria?

Most thieves choose to steal stuff that they can quickly dispose of in return for cash. As a result, it makes sense for a thief to seek out products with a high market value. It’s the same with cars. When it comes to stealing a vehicle, a thief’s first decision is value and demand. Because a car can be sold whole or broken down for parts, recovering a stolen vehicle is more difficult. The first few days are essential in recovering a stolen car, and it’s even more difficult with high-value vehicles because not only is the car sought after, but its parts are as well. These are the kind of cars that, according to our research, are the most stolen in Nigeria.

  1. The Toyota Corolla is still Toyota’s best-selling car worldwide, and arguably the world’s best-selling sedan. This is no exception in Nigeria; with such strong demand for Toyota Corollas, it’s no surprise that this Toyota sedan is a popular target for thieves.
  2. Toyota Camry is a midsize sedan produced by Toyota that is the greatest next thing to the Corolla due to its vast range of specifications that span from its fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine options to its more powerful six-cylinder engine options.
  3. The Mercedes C300 is one of the most popular models in the Mercedes lineup. Young, accomplished Nigerians prefer this vehicle. As a result, the C300 is highly sought after by thieves.
  4. The Honda Accord is a Honda competitor for the Toyota Camry, and it is proving to be a formidable competitor in the market. Car thieves will take advantage of the opportunity to steal this vehicle.

So, what are your thoughts on the cars that are most commonly targeted by thieves in Nigeria? Leave a comment.

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